Christmastime Finals.

This may sound completely crazy, but there has always been something special to me about winter semester finals.  Sure, finals are loaded with stress, exhaustion, and a borderline unhealthy consumption of coffee, but when I think of winter exams, I am reminded of my friends and I locking ourselves away for days at a time in a warm cozy room away from the snow and cold.  Days locked in secret study rooms, libraries, and living rooms surrounded with paper, books, and unhealthy snacks to stay awake.  In those seemingly miserable times, some of the most important bonds were created.  This is (hopefully) my last typical winter finals, and again I spent it with friends, in front of a Christmas tree, while listening to my favorite George Winston album.  On to a new semester and new year :) 46060020

Hello blog, I’ve missed you.

How has it been over a year since I’ve last posted?!  As with most of my massive gaps in posting, it has been a busy time.  I started and finished my first year of medical school, took an incredible summer vacation including a medical mission trip to Africa, and now am full force into year two.  Now the weather is beginning to turn cold,  reading textbooks is becoming monotonous, and the daunting task of board preparations is looming overhead. I find myself once again needing to take a step back from life to appreciate where I am right now without worrying about the future.  And so, I commence the blog once again.

For todays post, I bring you, the first day of winter.  Ok, maybe not actual winter, but Erie seems to think it is.   Someone forgot to tell the trees, and now their last autumn remnants are covered in white.  I was not prepared for this much snow so early (we got around 10 inches today!), but I have to say, it was quite beautiful.

IMG_7629 IMG_7612IMG_7649

Film trumps digital.

While I was home this summer, I decided to break out my Dad’s old manual film camera.  Took a little while to get used to it (I kept looking at the back of the camera for the picture that I just took – what a weird habit!), but I got some neat pictures out of the roll!  I forgot how satisfying it is to not have any idea what you’re taking until you get the film developed.  It is like finding a prize at the bottom of a cereal box.

Here are some from the roll:


Lilly’s At Harris Bay Yacht Club in Lake George


Saratoga farmers market


Lock 2 on the Erie Canal


Another Lock 2


Dad and Marko :)

The official introduction to the hedgies.

My new lens has been perfect for catching the little guys being cute.  They are a little camera shy, and duck their heads any time they hear the shutter.  But now, I can set the shutter speed much faster.  No more blurry pictures of them hiding their cute faces from me!

This is Dexter, he is 7 months old, and quite the chunk.   He loves food.  No matter how sleepy, grumpy, or full, he will always pop his head out for noms.  And he’ll try everything.  Scrambled eggs, kale, mealworms… pretty much anything.  He is also exceedingly lazy.   He runs on his wheel sometimes, but mostly he likes to lay on it.


And this is Chance.  He is 4, and is the “track star”.  As soon as the sun goes down, he runs.  And runs and runs and runs and runs.  He isn’t as much of a snuggler, but when he gets the chance, he loves exploring everywhere in my apartment.

IMG_3762 IMG_3750IMG_3566