Not much a little epoxy can’t fix.

So the biggest fear of glasses wearers happened to me this morning.  I stepped on my only useable pair of glasses and heard the horrible crunch of them splitting in half.   Then I remembered that while cleaning the lab, I came across some epoxy.  With help from a guy who can fix pretty much anything (thanks Danny!), my glasses were back in one piece.  I haven’t tested out their strength, but hopefully tomorrow morning will not start the same way.

The hiatus is over!


As I expect, I drifted away from this blog.  But I am determined to not give it up!  I have still been taking pictures, just not posting them.  My current debate is if I want to retro post old pictures, or just move on.  Thoughts?  I think I will end up posting old pictures, with the old dates, because some are fun 🙂


For now, I’ll add this picture.  Amber found this ornament among some other fantastic ones she had.  It was just too cute.