Live music is good.


I love going to shows.  I am most definitely not a music critic, but when I go to shows the thing I appreciate the most is when the singer sounds like they do on the album.  Music is so doctored up with autotune and thousands of recordings, so when someone can replicate it without all that technology, it’s really impressive.   And this is the exact reason why Anthony Green, the guy in the picture above, was awesome.  He rocked the entire set like it was off the album.  I hope Circa Survive comes around Rochester again.


Where’s Boulder?

It is kind of like playing Where’s Waldo, but with a cat.  Can you find the kitty?

There she is 🙂  Note: she did this entirely on her own.  She likes to get under every blanket she can.

Crazy lights, crazy year.

Happy 2011.  I feel as though this is an obligatory post, with the new year and all.

I saw the concept of this picture in a magazine last year, where a guy put his camera on a tripod and zoomed out as the picture was taking.  I gave it a shot (pun intended) on my own, but didn’t bother getting the tripod out.  Still came out kind of neat, and as I think about it, is more reflective of my feelings about the past year.  It has been a crazy year.  So many highs and lows and changes.  Overall, it was good.  Even the tough moments had their place in shaping the road ahead.

Bring it on, 2011.