Snow pretty.

The weathermen don’t always get it right.  The last big storm we were supposed to have only brought about an inch of snow, resulted in a lot of unnecessary school closings (including University of Buffalo, I thought they’d never close!), and made the meteorologists look like a bunch of whistle blowers.  University of Rochester did not close, but was sure to send an email reminding people to bring a shovel with them to work, just in case.  This time, the news did not hype up the storm, and what do you know, it was actually pretty nasty.  Beautiful, but an ugly drive.  And, I forgot my shovel.


If at first you don’t like it, try try again.

There are a few foods that as a kid I never really liked.  Some of these are; bleu cheese, pineapples, tomatoes, olives, coconuts, and grapefruits.  They seem like things I should like.  My family likes them, I should too.  So, as a general rule, I keep trying to eat foods that I don’t really like in a hope that some day, I will enjoy them too.  Slowly but surely, I am liking these foods.  Some have been in small strides, like coconut is okay in cookies and tomatoes are fine on sandwiches or covered in balsamic vinegrette.  Others I just love now, like bleu cheese.  The most recent addition to the list of foods I like is the grapefruit.  I have to say, I never thought I’d see this day coming.  I never even liked the smell of it.  But lo and behold, it is delicious.  It is also nice to be able to use those nifty serrated spoons.

Balanced snow.


Over the past week, similar to much of the east coast, Rochester has had quite the roller coaster of weather.  Everything from sun to snow to wind, and usually in the course of a 24 hour time period.  This past Friday it was 50 degrees and all the icicles broke their death grips on their rooftop perches and the snow finally cleared off the ice skating rink that once was my street.  But the snowman built by the kids of the neighborhood held on.  The sun finally got the better of it and the top two segments fell off, but the bottom piece remained firmly planted.  Over the next few days, harsh winds and snow started up again, and the snowman started to morph.  The threat of the heat melting it away left but the strong winds began to carve away at the sides.  It has now settled on a shape that looks like it belongs in Arches National Park with formations like Balanced Rock.  Except, of course, that it is snow.

The perfect cup.

I am a coffee lover.  One cup in the morning is all I need to get my day off on the right start.  As much as I appreciate a good cup, I’m really not that picky.  That is until I acquired my parents old Keurig this past summer and got outrageously spoiled.  This machine makes a fantastic cup of coffee with ideal grounds to water ratios.  Only problem is that it can be a fairly pricey habit.  When I ran out of K-cups to brew the coffee, I decided to take a break from the perfect peculator and go back to the old trusty coffee pot.  Then Santa came with bearing gifts of K-cups and sparked my interest again.  But I still waited.  I didn’t want to over indulge.  Instead I decided to wait for that day that would inevitably come where I wake up and decide that all I want in that moment is brewed happiness.  That day was today.  Down came the Keurig off its shelf, in went the water, and out came a perfect cup of coffee into my favorite mug.  It’s going to be a good day.

Ice is cool, pun intended.


The flower pot on our front stoop has become a sort of ice sculpture this winter.  Icicles from the roof above have been dripping in a way that has created a hat like shape over the pot, making the inside entirely hollow.  I should have taken a picture earlier when the ice was more transparent.  The recent snow has become incorporated into the ice and made more difficult to see its hollow center.  The plant in this picture is sitting on the dirt of the flower pot and the fuzzy outline is its ice encasing.  When it thaws I will try to get a different perspective.