Spring cleaning.

You know it is time for some spring cleaning when your TV becomes artwork.


The first law of thermodynamics.


All this studying is messing up my brain!  I am thinking of real life things in terms of the MCAT.  As nerdy as this sounds, I kind of like it.  It makes me feel like I am really learning the material, not just memorizing it.

All of these neat knowledge came in handy when explaining why I had my cup of coffee on my laptop charger next to the fan.  Here is what happened: my coffee got cold and I did not want it to be cold anymore.  To solve this problem, I ran through some possible solutions in my head.  Use the microwave that we use for lab stuff?  No, that is not a good idea.  I don’t want to add chemicals to my coffee.  Go downstairs and buy another cup?  No, this is a perfectly good cup, just cold.  While thinking through this dilemma, I was warming my hands up by the fan of my laptop (my laptop runs really hot for some reason).  And then I had the most wonderful idea.  Well, it may have been Danny’s idea, but for the sake of this story, it was mine.  I could use the heat being released from my laptop and put it into my coffee!!  Conservation of energy!  The first law of thermodynamics!  It was great.  I set it up, and within 20 minutes my coffee was once again drinkable.

This is what March looks like.

I’m 19 days away from the MCATs and I have realized that over the past few weeks, I really haven’t seen anything other than the lab and the inside of my room.  It is boring, but I am enjoying it.  I’m working really hard and I know that once I take the exam I can say that I tried my best.  It will make for some boring blog posts, but I will try to get out of my room once in a while.  It is probably good for my sanity anyway.

Music, music and more music.



I took my first trip to the House of Guitars yesterday.  I can’t believe I’ve been in Rochester for 5 years and have never been there!   Turns out it is an actual house just filled to the brim with music.  The main floor and the upstairs are set up in an almost garage sale type way with instruments scattered about.  To me, the coolest part was the basement (where this picture was taken).  Tons of tapes, records, and CDs to scour through.  This is someplace I want to come back to when I have a few hours to spare.  I’m sure there are some fantastic gems hidden in the chaos!

My new toy.

I splurged.  I don’t usually spend money on things I don’t need, but I had no self control and I did it.  I bought the beautiful electric piano that I have been scouting out for months.  After a lot of research, price scoping, and waiting, I got a great deal at Guitar Center.  I don’t exactly have the space in my room for it at the moment, but it is quite comfortable playing while sitting on a couch!  My piano teachers would cringe if they saw this.