A happy flight.

I love smiley faces in places you wouldn’t expect.  Sometimes they are unintentional ( like the ones in this commercial), but sometimes people just have a good sense of humor.  I think the one on this plane was the latter.  Whichever it was, it made my day.




A mural waiting to happen.

At work there is a hallway that connects the building that I work in, the Kornberg Medical Research Building (KMRB), with the newer building, the DelMonte Neuromedicine Institute (it doesn’t have a cool acronym yet).  They planned out this hall well, because instead of being boring with just walls, it has big windows that line it.  To make it even better, the sills are filled with potted flowers and plants.  I think people may have brought them in over time, it seems to be a sort of community garden. If you really like a plant, you can ask to take a snipping of it and grow your own.   It is very cheerful especially in the winter – it’s a nice contrast of happy, vibrant plants against what many days seems like the wall of a snow globe.

I came in to work early this morning (6:30, yikes!) and noticed that as the sun comes up, it casts pretty awesome shadows of the plants on the other side of the hall.  It reminded me of elementary school when we had the chance to paint a mural on the wall.  The teachers used an overhead projector to put the image we wanted on the wall, and we traced it and filled it in.  Seems like a fun project to do, and I kind of wanted to do that with the shadows this morning.  I settled for a picture instead.

Insert obligatory lilac picture here.

Okay, this should be the last flower picture for a little while.  I couldn’t help myself with this one, it was from Lilac Festival!  Rochester has some pretty awesome festivals in the spring and summer.  The Lilac Fest is one of my favorites.  It is a whole week devoted to lilacs.  There is a craft fair, food vendors, live music, and lots and lots of flowers.  Sadly, Mother Nature did not play nice and it rained pretty much the entire time.  I think 3 of days the festival got cancelled and they moved the bands to Waterstreet Music Hall.  The only really nice day was Saturday, so Heather and I ventured out.  I think the rest of Rochester had the same idea, it was so crowded!  We did manage to get some fresh squeezed lemonade and got to walk through the craft fair.  The hill where the lilac bushes were wasn’t too crowded, so we spent most of the time just walking around smelling the flowers and looking at all the varieties of colors they have.

May flowers!

The magnolias on Oxford Street are possibly my favorite thing about springtime in Rochester.  Although it is a tough competition because as the name Flower City implies, the spring flowers in Rochester are something to see.  Fun fact, Rochester was not always the Flower City.  It used to be the Flour City, but I can’t imagine that lured people to the city.  The magnolias only bloom pretty for a week or two, and then its over.  But soon after comes the Lilac Fest!  Be prepared for more flower pictures.  I’m really enjoying them right now 🙂