Us lab folk are quite the nerdy bunch.  And when you put up a blank white board, the jokes just start rolling.  This was a good one left by Art.  Ultimate props for anyone who can guess it!




Growing up is for suckers.


I went back to Clifton Park this week, and as a surprise, my mom bought me glow in the dark chalk!  It was better than I could have ever imagined.   Instead of just being glow in the dark, where you have to shine a light on it for hours to get it to glow for 60 seconds, you create your own chalk with magic chalk powder and water.  One part of the mix is the chalk, and the other part is the glowing stuff that looks like it comes from glow sticks you get at 4th of July fireworks or something.  After it dries, (which was really a trial in patience for me…) its ready to go make pretty drawings.  As you can tell from this picture, I am not much of an artist.  But who cares, with glow int he dark chalk, everything looks awesome!!!

Storm chasing.



I have a strange hobby.  I love to chase thunderstorms.  If I see a good storm is moving through, I hop in my car with my camera and go find it. Today was the first storm if the year and I got pretty excited. I tried to think of the best place to view the storm, and I had the best idea- the 11 story building on campus, Hylan. I remembered having math recitations up there and thinking how awesome the view was. So I parked my car and ran up. Another perk of going to Hylan is they have the greatest elevators on campus to jump in. For all of you that have never jumped in an elevator, you have try it. Anyway, I got up to the 11th floor, and the view was great. I pulled out my camera as lightning was flashing all over, went to take pictures, and discovered that my memory card was not in my camera. So disappointing. And, not to anyone’s surprise because I’m a pretty absent minded, this is definitly not the first time this has happened. I thought about going back to get it, but decided to just enjoy the view. I had to take some picture though, so I went with the camera phone. Just pretend there is a big bolt of lightning in the dark part of the cloud. Camera phones aren’t too fast at taking pictures 🙂