Hipster Dog.

We have all been there before.  You have an awesome piece of clothing, like a sweater, that you love.  It is comfortable, flattering, and you’re not sure what you did before its existence.  Then laundry day comes around.  The sweater sits helpless in your basket, knowing that its cleaning needs are different than the rest of its clothing neighbors.   You wash your clothes as normal, everything seems right with the world.   The dryer buzzes and you begin to fold your clothes.  And it hits you.  That awesome sweater was made of wool.  And it shrinks.  And now your awesome sweater is gone.  But why just be sad about it when you can still use it to keep someone else warm?  In this case, a cute dog!!!  Sorry, Kellen.  It was an awesome sweater, but it looks pretty great on Lucy 🙂


Traffic is better.



I have decided that this is going to be part of a group of photos dedicated to the things in life that are better with a hedgehog.  It is hard to not be in a good mood with this prickly little thing nearby.  I was stuck in traffic on the I-90 this Monday, and instead of being frustrated that I was not moving, I put my car in park and played with Shelby.  The 30 minutes flew by.

Look who’s home!


Well I have officially moved into my new apartment.  It is a nice studio less than a mile from my old house and closer to all of the fun things on Park Ave 🙂 The only big change is I am now living by myself.  I think it is going to be different experience, and I got a friend to keep me company! Her name is Shelby.  Don’t worry, I will be posting lots of pictures of her.  I’ve been trying to make my apartment feel more homey, so I have been splurging on some house things like a shower curtain, new bookcase, a nice scented candle, and this awesome doormat to greet anyone that comes to visit (wink wink nudge nudge).  Still a bit of unpacking to go, but it is already feeling more cozy 🙂