The Tree of Life lives on.

Tonight was a perfect winter night.  As I headed out from doing a little weekend lab work, I realized it was my favorite time of evening.  The sun was almost down and colors were strewn all over the sky and snow.   Winter sunsets feel so crisp and colorful.   Conveniently, I had my camera in my bag.  (Note: these pictures are actually from my phone.  My laptop is dead right now.  When it comes back I will update with real pictures.  iPhone pictures make me feel like I’m cheating)   I was not dressed for the single digit temperatures, and I think my fingers are still recovering, but I couldn’t stop walking around taking pictures and enjoying the night.  The best part was seeing how the Tree of Life was doing.  It has been about a year and a half since it cracked in half, but it is still there as a proud landmark.   It seems to have taken on a new role. Instead of big branches beckoning to be climbed, the finger-like limbs now open up as an invitation to explore the park.   It is comforting to me that it is still there.  Maybe different and changed, but still there.   I feel a metaphor for life coming on…




Mr. Moon? Tell us about the sky.


This sure isn’t the greatest quality of photo. Not even a good quality photo. But the moon was so amazing, I couldn’t resist taking this picture. I was driving back to Rochester from a weekend visit in Erie. After a bit of over-dramatic moping about making the drive back, I noticed how big and gorgeous the moon looked and instantly snapped out of my pity party. It was so low in the sky and an amazing golden yellow. It almost looked like it belonged to another planet. I didn’t have my SLR handy, so I messed around with my phone until I got this picture. With a little Instagram editing, it actually looks more like what I saw than the original picture did. I’m glad I saw it when I did, because before I made it to the highway it had disappeared behind some clouds. Nothing like a good dose of nature to remind you that life is good 🙂

note – the title of this post is from the Tally Hall song, Spring and a Storm. Pretty moons always remind me of the lyrics towards the end-

kids: “Mr. Moon?”
Mr. Moon: “Yeah?”
kids: “Tell us about the sky.”

Mr. Moon: The sky is deep and dark and eternally high.
Many people think that’s where you go when you die.

kids: “Do you?”

Mr. Moon: Well I think you return to obscure
Or wherever you were
Before you were
But I won’t let you lose yourself in the rain”

And Mr. Moon’s voice sounds like the Kool Aid man.