The instagram reel – Shelby edition!!!

As everyone already knows, I’m in love with my little prickly friend, Shelby.  She is the subject of a lot of my pictures-  she is just too cute!  All of these photos are from my phone, but not all made it to instagram.  It’ll become  Shelbygram if I’m not careful…

Note:  There is a picture of her at the vet’s office and passed out on anesthesia.  No worries though, it was just a check up 🙂  But she looked so pathetic with a gas mask on, I had to take a picture.

Also for your viewing pleasure, I have included some videos of Shelby.


The instagram reel – work edition!

I’ve been bad.  I have been sort of cheating on my blog with my iPhone and the instagram app…  It is just so easy to take a quick picture, dress it up with neat filters, and then post it.  It is almost too easy.  There is something to be said for manually controlling a picture, spending time tweaking it, then posting silly, mostly irrelevant comments about it.  But before I go back to posting SLR pictures, I’ve decided to post some of my instagram ones because not everyone has instagram or knows how to use it (*cough*mom*cough* 🙂 )  I’ll break it up into a few different posts so it is at least mildly interesting.   The first theme is things in/around/on the drive to a science lab.  Try to contain your excitement.