A little fresh air

Quick, guess where I am:

Did you guess Erie?  Probably not.  Pretty beaches and sun aren’t the first things you think of with Erie, but they are here!  After being a diligent student and not getting outside much, I decided it was time for some fresh air.  Took a little drive around Presque Isle and got my fix of the lake and sun.  It is awesome to have this escape so close.

Note:  Because it was such a spontaneous trip, I did not have my good camera on me, so these are all from my phone.  Not bad, and I got to try out the new panorama setting!  Fun 🙂


A long overdue update.

It has been a really long time since I’ve posted on here.  I got out of the habit. I felt like I was behind and had to catch up on every detail that had happened.  But today I decided I’m not going to do that.  I’m keeping with why I started this blog in the first place – to take a step back and appreciate life as everything changes around me.  And right now seems like a good time to do that – so much has happened in the past few weeks.   The big change has been getting accepted into school and starting that new adventure!  Now if all goes well, I will be a physician in 5 years 🙂  I have wanted this so badly, and can’t believe it is actually happening.  It has been a long haul, and will continue to be one, but I’m loving it.  I love what I am learning.   It is so exciting to piece together what I have learned in undergrad with my research experience and clinical knowledge I’m gaining.  I was watching a medical show the other day, and got so excited because I knew the technical terms they were talking about.  I felt like a nerd, but then I realized that I really am in the right place if this makes me so happy.

The building that my classes are in is really pretty and is set in a woodsy area a stones throw from the lake.

The classroom is a conference room style, and sometimes out of the windows we see turkeys.

And then theres the studying, which involves a lot of dry erase markers and arrows, and weird drawings…

There is also a Wegman’s nearby which makes everything better.

And this town really knows how to decorate for Halloween.

There have been so many good and exciting changes – starting school, making new friends, and feeling like I’m where I am supposed to be.  But there have been some rough spots too.  The big ones were putting down my dog, Angel, and my hedgehog, Shelby.  Angel was 16, so I can’t complain, but it was still really tough.  She was a wonderful dog and spoiled rotten :p  Shelby had a large tumor in her jaw that was affecting her ability to eat and drink, and the vet and I decided that it wasn’t fair to her anymore.  Anyone who has had pets knows how hard it is to put an animal down.  They become such an important part of your life and family, and leave such a gaping hole when they are gone.

So here’s to Angel.  My buddy since I’ve been 9 who never failed to make me laugh and loved me and my family unconditionally.

And Shelby.  I only had her for a year, but she brought me so much happiness in that short time.