The official introduction to the hedgies.

My new lens has been perfect for catching the little guys being cute.  They are a little camera shy, and duck their heads any time they hear the shutter.  But now, I can set the shutter speed much faster.  No more blurry pictures of them hiding their cute faces from me!

This is Dexter, he is 7 months old, and quite the chunk.   He loves food.  No matter how sleepy, grumpy, or full, he will always pop his head out for noms.  And he’ll try everything.  Scrambled eggs, kale, mealworms… pretty much anything.  He is also exceedingly lazy.   He runs on his wheel sometimes, but mostly he likes to lay on it.


And this is Chance.  He is 4, and is the “track star”.  As soon as the sun goes down, he runs.  And runs and runs and runs and runs.  He isn’t as much of a snuggler, but when he gets the chance, he loves exploring everywhere in my apartment.

IMG_3762 IMG_3750IMG_3566


The new lens.

I splurged a little.  After some hefty consideration and internet research, I decided to buy myself a new camera lens.  I headed over to Best Buy, with a few years worth of gift cards in hand, and bought this guy.  I feel like it needs a name.  Any suggestions?

With my new lens and a quick burst of warm spring-like weather, I headed out to the only outdoorsy place I know in Erie.  (I need to explore more.)

I am so happy I bought it.  It has great detail and amazing depth. Below are 3 unedited images taken with different  settings.  I didn’t realize how much of a difference the aperture can make.   I love the way the f/1.8 looks.  It brings all of the attention to the subject, giving it so much more detail.




f/2.5 – The difference between 1.8 and 2.5 is small, but you can definitely tell



Here are some other shots from around Presque Isle.  I had not been out there at all this winter, and didn’t realize how much the lake froze.  The ice came onto the coast in waves, creating a 2nd coastline of ice.  I didn’t realize that I was standing on the “ice coast” until a nice gentleman warned me to move unless I planned on swimming that day.  It felt sturdy, but he was probably right.  It was so warm out,  any crack could have easily opened up, and I would have been out to sea.  With all the big ice chunks floating, I secretly was hoping a narwhal would pop out saying “Bye Buddy, hope you find your dad!”  No such luck.  But I wonder if I could have hitched an ice raft to Canada…

Ice cliff

This guy must have not been warned  about the ice yet…



Further down the drive on the island is a little bay filled with tiny floating houses – probably 2 dozen of them.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  Just little trailer-like houses on dock rafts, sitting in the middle of the bay, dormant for the winter.

floating houses edit


When you drive in (or out, in this case) of Presque Isle, there is a theme/water park.  I’ve only seen it shut down in the winter, and it looks pretty cool all abandoned.  I’d love to get in there during the off season, and take pictures of everything, but I would probably be arrested for trespassing.  So instead, I just grabbed a picture on the drive out.  (For my mom who is probably reading this:  Don’t worry, I wasn’t driving 🙂 )