Hello blog, I’ve missed you.

How has it been over a year since I’ve last posted?!  As with most of my massive gaps in posting, it has been a busy time.  I started and finished my first year of medical school, took an incredible summer vacation including a medical mission trip to Africa, and now am full force into year two.  Now the weather is beginning to turn cold,  reading textbooks is becoming monotonous, and the daunting task of board preparations is looming overhead. I find myself once again needing to take a step back from life to appreciate where I am right now without worrying about the future.  And so, I commence the blog once again.

For todays post, I bring you, the first day of winter.  Ok, maybe not actual winter, but Erie seems to think it is.   Someone forgot to tell the trees, and now their last autumn remnants are covered in white.  I was not prepared for this much snow so early (we got around 10 inches today!), but I have to say, it was quite beautiful.

IMG_7629 IMG_7612IMG_7649


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